About Me

heelsHi, my name is Tiffany, but my friends call me Tiff.   I love many things- top of the list- my Heavenly Father and His Son, my forever love Jon, and my 4 littles: Reagan, Vance, Maclayne (who we call Laynie or Lady most of the time), & our baby girl Kaisa.  We have an angel baby, sweet Finley Clare, who was stillborn on October 14, 2015 and joined the 7 other little spirits that I miscarried through the course of our marriage.  Finley’s birth reminded me how desperate I was to do anything for a child I not only had, but longed to have.  I am finally starting a non-profit I dreamed about years before, but now, for Finley and because of her, please follow and help support others. As a sidenote, if I ever make a dime off of anything on this blog, 10% will go to God in the form of tithes, and 10% or more will go to the foundation to help others create the family they long for.  I love my friends, entertaining, cooking, eating (all emotions!), diet dr. pepper, kids laughter, traveling, reading, shopping, decorating & redecorating, anything related to parties, bedtime, someone else cleaning my house, date night, running in the wind, the smell of Idaho, and most recently all things Ireland.  We lived in Dublin and have taken our kids through 19 European countries.  I have no musical talent, I am terrible at writing thank you cards, my car and kitchen are always cluttered, I couldn’t parallel park on an empty road, I hate flying (near panic attack levels even though I’ve been on a million flights), I have more miscellaneous boxes and drawers than I’d like to admit, and I secretly always wish that I could be chosen for “What Not to Wear”, but I am totally happy being normal!  I am not the best at journaling, although I Instagram like most people snapchat because I can print them easily into books and prove to my kids someday that I tried to do fun things and give them great experiences.  This blog is my attempt to document the beauty in our everyday life, have a place to reminisce and remember past experiences before they are forgotten (like the countries visited!), organize favorite recipes and mom tips, and just start to record the story of my life. And as you can see, I’m long winded:))  Welcome along for the ride my friends.